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Cookie policy

1. General

Vibol NV (hereinafter ‘Vibol’ or ‘we’) mainly uses cookies to enhance your browsing experience on (hereinafter the ‘Website’). All the data retrieved by Vibol from its cookies are anonymous and used for no other purpose than to understand the customer experience on the Website so that we can enhance its performance and usefulness. Vibol is entitled to update this cookie policy by placing a new version thereof on the Website. In this context we highly recommend that you regularly revisit our website or the page containing the cookie policy to ensure that you are aware of any changes or updates. As soon as a new cookie policy enters into force you will be asked again to consent to the use of cookies.

2. What are cookies?

A cookie, also called an HTTP cookie, a web cookie or a browser cookie, is usually a small piece of data sent from a website and stored on the user’s web browser or device while the user is browsing a website or using a mobile application. If the user then revisits the same website, the data stored in the cookie can be retrieved by the website to obtain information of the user’s previous activity. Cookies were designed as a reliable mechanism for websites to remember the status of the website or past activity of the user. They help us to optimise your visit to the Website, remember technical choices (e.g. language choice, newsletter, etc.) and show more relevant services and offers. Vibol recommends that you enable cookies if you wish to consult the Website. However, you are free to not enable cookies if you prefer.

Cookies may include clicking certain buttons, logging in and a record of pages visited by the user, even from months or years ago. Although cookies cannot contain viruses and cannot install malware on the guest computer, tracking cookies and more particularly, third-party tracking cookies are often used for creating long-term data relating to the browser history of individuals – a huge privacy concern that led to action from both European and American legislators in 2011. The present cookie declaration is in conformity with the current Belgian legislation (Act of 10/07/201 establishing provisions concerning electronic communication, Belgian Official Journal 20/09/2012).

This Website uses several types of cookies:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: As the name suggests these cookies are strictly necessary to enable you to surf the Website, use the Platform or to provide features that you have requested.

  • Functional cookies: Cookies that enhance the Website’s functionality by storing your preferences.

  • Tracking cookies: These cookies will outlast user sessions. If a persistent cookie has its Max-Age set to one year, then, within that year, the initial value set in that cookie will be sent back to the server every time the user visits the server. This is done to record essential information, such as how the user initially came to the Website. For this reason persistent cookies are also called tracking cookies. For instance, as soon as you have chosen your preferred language, the Website will record that preference in a cookie and store it on your browser. The next time you visit the Website, it will use that persistent cookie to ensure that the content is delivered in your preferred language.

  • Performance cookies: These cookies help to improve the performance of the Website, providing a better user experience. Vibol uses Google Analytics, a popular web analytics service provided by Google, Inc. Google Analytics uses cookies to help Vibol analyse how visitors use the Website. It registers the number of visitors and provides Vibol with information about their behaviour overall – such as the typical length of a visit to the Website or the average number of pages viewed by a Visitor.

  • Third-party cookies: To support its communication, Vibol has embedded its content in social media channels including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Vibol also uses the sharing options offered by social networks. The channels used by Vibol may contain cookies belonging to those websites. Vibol does not control them. Please refer to the relevant websites of these third parties for more information about these cookies.

3. List of cookies used by the Website

The table below comprises a list of the cookies that may be used by Vibol and the information stored by these cookies.

Google Analytics cookies
We use Google Analytics cookies to collect information about your sessions on our Website. For more information on how these cookies function, please check Google’s cookie & privacy statement.  

  • _GA 
  • _GID 
  • _UTMA
  • _UTMZ        

Hotjar cookies We use Hotjar cookies to analyse information about your surfing behaviour and mouse movements. Please check the Hotjar cookie policy for more information about these cookies.


Other website cookies 

  • CakeCookie[DASSHOP-REMEMBER35]: This cookie ensures that the user is logged in automatically upon his next visit to the Website. Duration: the cookie expires after two weeks.
  • CakeCookie[cart_id]: This cookie ensures that the content of the shopping cart is kept while the using is surfing the Website. Duration: the cookie expires after two weeks.
  • CakeCookie[visited_pages]: This cookie records which pages of the Website have been visited. Duration: the cookie expires upon expiry of the page session (when leaving the Website)
  • DASSHOP: This cookie stores session information such as IP address and browser details. Duration: it expires after 3 hours if the session is not renewed.
  • Cookieconsent_status: This cookie records the status of the cookie consent pop-up. Duration: it expires after 1 year.  

4. Disabling cookies

Several options are available to prevent that cookies are stored on your device. Please visit the websites of the individual browsers to learn more about how to block cookies. It is important to realise that if you decide to delete all your cookies, you probably have to re-enter all your usernames and passwords on each website you visit, whereas prior to deleting them, you did not even have to think about it. As mentioned earlier, cookies can be really beneficial to your surfing experience on the web. For more information about cookies, please visit the website The website contains information about cookies, provides details on how you can remove cookies and shows how you can allow trusted websites to store cookies on your device.  

5. Contact details

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Our product range

Vibol has firmly opted for customisation rather than standard schemes. Depending on the surface (metal, wood, concrete, etc.) and the intended application, together with our partners we will always search for the best solution.