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About us

Our mission

As a family company we and our team of highly motivated specialists
aim to offer sustainable coatings and solutions to each of our professional customers.

 We provide technical advice

We ensure that our professional customers will get to use a paint system that offers best quality
in relation to price and guarantees a colourful and sustainable result.




We are a family company – Vibol timeline

Vibol is founded by André Spillebeen and Marleen Vergote.
They start their enterprise in the town of Izegem at the flax factory belonging to Paul Spillebeen, André’s father. 

New offices are established.

First additional hall dedicated to production.

Second additional hall dedicated to storage.

The company relocates to Gullegem, to continue at a newly built site of 8 000 sqm.

Lieven Spillebeen takes over the helm and starts running the company together with his spouse Nele Van Bruwaene.


Would you like to join our family company? Who knows … we might be looking for someone with your profile. 

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Our product range

Vibol has firmly opted for customisation rather than standard schemes. Depending on the surface (metal, wood, concrete, etc.) and the intended application, together with our partners we will always search for the best solution.